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Thursday, March 3, 2011

1994 7th grade Idaho

I'm gonna do this chronologically (or at least try to) year by year, starting in 1994 when we arrived there. Here we go.

1994 - My 7th grade year, when we moved to Idaho we were originally in these tiny apartments off of Maple Grove that to my knowledge are still there. For a family of 4 at least they were small. I remember my first night in this apartment I had a nightmare oddly about Chucky (Child's Play), my stuffed animals were promptly put back in a box. The first junior high I went to (for a month), was West Junior High School. My first day I was given an ambassador, Denice Talkington (many of you know her). She led me around from class to class, introduced me to her friends (which did not go over so well). Keep in mind this is November, and the first time I actually ever experienced Winter weather. I was a little overdressed looking back, but back then I was scared of the ice. I remember my first ice slip, getting off the bus going into West. Snow boots are useless in icy conditions but many of you already know that. I didn't...stupid Floridian. After about a month, we moved yet again, clear across town near the railroad track. I was now in East Junior High territory, so I transferred. Let me just say this, my first bus ride to East was very interesting. I met a girl, again many of you know her. Brandy McKee (at the time), she was technically supposed to go to South but had special permissions granted by the principal to attend East because of a situation with some of the kids at South. Anyways, I'm sitting on the bus just staring out the window, trying to familiarize myself with the new area. When PLOP! Down sits Brandy. She looks at me and says, "Hi! What's your name? I'm Brandy. Move over a bit I need more room." Thus starting the beginning of a very LONG friendship (though I don't know where she is now). Brandy is, and probably always will be a very talkative person. Yes, she has her issues but all in all, I think most of what she does is done with good intentions. That's the optimist side of myself. Through Brandy, I made a whole bunch of new friends. I was amazed. I went from a loner to someone who actually had someone to talk to at lunch. My cronies then were Brandy, Joy, Lisa, Mary, and Shelly. That's the most I'd ever had before, so I was amazed. Things went South they always do. Girls are drama queens. And 7th grade is like the beginning of war for many of us. Especially in my case, I soon learned do not trust them just because they call themselves your friend. A little side story to this one, though none of you reading this will know who I'm talking about because I've lost contact with all the East people I went to school with. One of my electives in 7th grade was choir. It was my first class in the morning. I was an Alto...still am. In this class was a smorgasbord of people. Joy, one of my cronies (a alto too), was in the class with me. This is where I discovered my first real crush. I'm not going to say his name, I will refer to him as L.C. which are his initials. He and I were friends, close friends. So I gambled, I wrote him a note (how stereotypical of me), and expressed how I felt for him. To my amazement, he wrote back the next morning in a note as well. To my delight he said he felt the same way. I spoke with him briefly about it and we became an "official" couple. We just hadn't told anyone else yet. This is where things go bad...real bad. Remember supposed friend. I made the mistake of telling her that he and I were technically together we just weren't telling everyone yet. So what does she do? She gets on a cafeteria table and shouts (literally shouts) that L.C. and I are dating. Frigging wonderful. L.C. is in the cafeteria at this time. He walks over to me, takes the note out of my hands and rips it up. Probably the shortest relationship I've ever had. Now of course, I'm angry and upset. In the span of maybe an hour, I went from having a boyfriend to losing the boyfriend and his friendship as well. Joy is now the enemy. Things get worse here. In hindsight I realize I overreacted to this but back then this felt like the end of the world to me. Drama drama drama. Ugh. I was very upset because of the betrayal and the loss of a friend as well. Socially I was underdeveloped. I at this time confided in Brandy that I was thinking of taking my life. She did the right thing. She told a school counselor who then dragged my ass into her office. As well as called my Mom down from her new job (sorry Mom). I was counseled and my mom was angry. My reaction to all of this was bad for Joy. I confronted her on her actions (again in the cafeteria at lunch). She stands up and pours chocolate milk on my newly permed hair. I WAS SEEING RED NOW!! The rest of it is a blur though I do remember crippling her by applying pressure to the brachial plexus (google it). 3 days of in-house detention for me. She got suspended. HAHA! It goes on though, the school then called for a peer mediation between Joy and I to smooth things out. We did....just to shut up the school. We eventually started talking again more once time had passed. L.C. never did talk to me again, and last I heard was he and his mom had gotten evicted from the trailer park they were living in. Maybe Joy did me a favor on that one?? Anyways, with all this going on my grades (which were never good to begin with) are suffering even more. Mr. Senkbeil (science teacher) called my parents at home to talk to them. This got me grounded, as well as I could not go to the Halloween dance. So now I'm mad at my parents cause I think they're being cruel (I know better now). My reaction (again overreaction) was to runaway. TO THE AIRPORT. Those of you who live in Boise are probably laughing your asses off right now thinking of this 12 year old with her backpack on her back traveling Vista at night trying to make it to the airport in hopes that she will be able to stow away back to Florida. Holy cow I was a dreamer. What scared me into going back, and I'm not sure why was a dead cat on the side of Vista. Somehow roadkill is a reflection on this and it scared me into going home. Either way I got back home. First person I see is my Dad, and it breaks my heart even to this day to say he was crying. Hopefully he doesn't get angry at me for posting this, but I hate it when my Dad cries. It's kryptonite to me. Like right now I'm remembering it and I'm crying. He sees me, crosses the living room in two steps and hugs me. He then calls the police and tells them that I have returned. He had called them because I had technically run away. The rest of the year I cordoned myself off from social things. I only went to one dance, and that was the Valentine's dance. Which I impositioned myself on Joy (we were talking again by this time) and made myself a 3rd wheel with her then boy toy Logan. Joy is not a good girl and she comes in and out of my life many times. So get used to hearing that name if you are going to read the continuing years. My grades did finally go up and I graduated out of 7th grade and into the 8th grade. Which was again to be at East. But that is 1995 - 1996 8th grade which will be in the next post.

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