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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The advisement email

So I have somewhat advised my mom of the change that is about to take place. Here is a copy and paste of the email:

Go ahead and forward this to Dad because you will anyway. Even though this has nothing to do with him. 

I'm not sure how long you plan on giving me the cold shoulder. I don't know what you're expecting of me. I said some things that made you upset. I'm not sure why you are giving me the cold shoulder. This all started when I asked a simple question about the laundry detergent. 

All I know is that since the blow up I've been treated with hostility. I stated exactly how I felt. I'm not going to apologize for anything. Especially since I don't know what I'd be apologizing for. 

I'm tired of this circular fight we go through. It's not healthy and I don't deserve to feel like I'm living in a place where people can't stand my being there. 

If this continues there will be a change. One that cannot be reversed. If this comes to be then you will have to do what you purport. If you are a better mother than me you will definitely be given the chance to show this. Of course this might have been what you wanted all along. To make me feel so hated and unwanted that I felt I have no choice but to leave. 

Be advised you are running out of time if this is not true. Sending Dad in to intimidate me into compliance will not work this time. I'm not a tool so don't treat me like one. And no, I will not tell you when the change will happen but you will know it when it does. 

Stupid huh?!

1 comment:

  1. I read that and, ignoring what I already know of your plans in an effort to see what she might see, see "If you don't change I'm moving out". I'm not very creative...

    Wonder what she'll do?